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Business Case Software

Automates and standardizes the creation of compelling business cases


Build alignment from day one

We know that value-based selling is tricky. Building alignment with your buyer can make all the difference between winning a deal or getting pushed down the priority list. The Symbe Business Case Platform removes the guess-work, helping to uncover key customer needs, understand their decision criteria and build clear, winning alignment with your solution.

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Create urgency to buy

In a time where sales-cycles are stretching and budgets tightening, using business cases in sales is crucial. Symbe helps identify and implicate your buyer’s pain points, highlighting why your solution is essential, today. By vividly illustrating the cost of inaction and driving a compelling need, Symbe elevates your proposal to a top priority.

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Empower your Champion

Equip your Champion with the business case they need to advocate for your solution with their stakeholders, from Finance to the C-suite. This enhances your Champion’s ability to prioritize your solution while boosting their credibility. Symbe transforms your Champion into a key influencer, securing internal buy-in for your deal.

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Standardize your best performing Business Cases

Standardize top-performance with a growing library of Business Cases. Symbe offers ready-to-go templates for every sales and renewal scenario. No more time-consuming, ad-hoc business case building—simply select and configure to fit any sale or renewal context. Symbe optimizes your entire team’s performance, ensuring consistent, deal-winning quality every time.

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