Symbe for Sales Execs

Build alignment with your buyer from day one

Be in full control of your pipeline

Symbe provides greater certainty across your pipeline stages

Increase buyer collaboration

Business Cases enable you to align your buyers’ needs with your value proposition at every stage of the sales-cycle. Collaborate with your Champion directly on the business case, getting real-time feedback and establishing the ideal value outcomes for both parties. Build a ‘winning theme’ in partnership with your Champion from day one.

Empower your Champion

Tool-up your Champion with a compelling Business Case that speaks the language of their stakeholders, from Finance to the C-suite. This ensures your Champion can effectively advocate for your solution even after you’ve left the room. By providing a compelling business case, we turn your Champion into a powerful ally in securing internal buy-in.

Do better than a spreadsheet

Say goodbye to the tedious, time-consuming creation of ad-hoc business cases and cumbersome spreadsheets. Stand out from your competitors by using intuitive, polished Business Cases that can be swiftly tailored to fit any sales scenario and refined to your buyers’ specific needs.