What motivates us

Business Cases are the foundation of the buyer-seller relationship

Our Purpose

Business cases serve as the cornerstone of the buyer-seller relationship. They make the case for a project, purchase or initiative and act as the bond between the buyer and supplier throughout their entire relationship.

We firmly believe that the better the business case, the better the decision and stronger the partnership.

Our mission is to help companies buy better, by enabling sales teams to more effectively partner with their buyers to establish the best possible commercial structure between them.

Our Story

The original idea for Symbe was inspired by our experiences at Tictrac, a pioneer in B2B Digital Health and Wellness. Our greatest challenge was that our product, perceived as a ‘nice-to-have’, often took a backseat to other initiatives. Our first major deal took over 18 months to close. We vividly recall our champion sat us down and said, “Look, I get the benefit of your solution, but help me build a business case to demonstrate the value to us and to help me sell this internally”. We built the business case together, won the deal and they were our longest standing client.

Most importantly, we realized two vital insights: (1) the importance of using business cases to align with our buyer, and (2) the power of providing our Champion with a tool that helps them sell our solution to their stakeholders.

We started creating business cases for every deal, building our key metrics and most importantly engaging with our buyers on them. But the process was clunky and very time-consuming. Business cases required a lot of work to formulate in Excel, adapt for every sales opportunity and then transfer them into some form of compelling narrative -exec summary, proposal, etc.- for different internal stakeholders. There had to be a better way!

Symbe was born.

Martin, Thomas and Xavier

Our Name

Symbe (sim-bee) represents the symbiotic relationship between Seller and Buyer. It’s a partnership built on the mutual value that is created by the relationship. We believe that a Business Case is the foundation of that relationship.

Our Founders

Martin Blinder


Thomas Laurbjerg


Xavier Wilders


Our GTM Advisors

David Weiss

Chief Revenue Officer
The Sales Collective

Jonathan Kvarfordt

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Hannah Ajikawo

Laura Guerra

Strategic GTM Advisor

Our Backers

We are proud to be backed by a group of great early stage investors